In 2003 Noah gained worldwide notoriety as he spent two days encased in a block of cheese in a parody of a stunt by illusionist David Blaine.

Noah Kelly cheese feat © PATRICK ANDERSON

Noah Kelly cheese

But Noah Kelly countered this with his own endurance test by sealing himself into a giant cube of mature cheddar cheese for 48 hours.
The stunt gained notoriety in the UK, with BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mill’s calling in on ‘Cheese Watch’, whilst overnight broadcasters from around the world called in to chat to Noah from inside his block of cheese.
Noah said David Blaine’s version of the stunt was too easy. He came up with his alternative in the bath.
He said: “I was thinking how cheesy what he did was and then from there I thought that I could do it surrounded by cheese. This is an endurance test and I hope to test my body – I’m not going to wimp out and use a mild cheese.”
Mr Kelly, who once held the world record for building the highest card tower, said he was worried the stunt might put him off cheese for life. He said: “I love cheese now, but I’m not quite sure what its going to be like afterwards. A nose peg may be an option, or air freshener – to acclimatize my body I’ve been hanging a piece of cheese under my nose for most of the day.”
Noah’s attempt was a stinking success. See the BBC’s coverage of him being entombed and finally emerging from the cheese.